Rebound (game)

Rebound is a project I've been working on for the past couple of months, we recently released the game on facebook.
My main role was to program the material switching and the different properties that enabled; bouncing, magnetism, laser avoidance etc.
I also implemented all the menu's, the facebook functionality and in general did a lot of bug fixing and helping the rest of my team out where necessary in a more generalist position.

Welcome to Rebound!
Made by 5 students, Rebound is a platform roller where your goal is to gain as many points and reach the end as fast as possible!
Ready... Set... BOUNCE!

Rebound - Team 18

Marieke van neutigem rebound endscreen2
Marieke van neutigem screenshot 546
Marieke van neutigem screenshot 548
Marieke van neutigem screenshot 547