A boy and dog Animation

Marieke van neutigem screenshot 129

beauty shot 1

Marieke van neutigem screenshot 132

beauty shot 2

Marieke van neutigem screenshot 130

beauty shot 3

the animation with reference

a playblast of the main poses blocked out and some of the detailing done

A boy and dog Animation

This is a piece of animation I created aimed at feature film or game cinematic. I started out with the audio clip which I got from the movie “Up”. I edited the audio together so the story would make more sense. I reimagined the scene as a little story where a boy finds a stray dog, he is a little apprehensive at first but then quickly starts playing with him. He then asks his guardian if he can keep it and falls over. I wanted the story to be very clear and to focus on my animation so I opted for a simplistic render setup. One camera angle and two lights, this was also done to keep the rendering time to a minimum on my laptop. For the animation itself I went for a slightly cartoony style, with a little bit of exaggeration. I felt this best fit the overall style of the rig and the audio clip, so it all fit together quite well. This project took me about 3 weeks of working on it once or twice a week. I made the animation in maya and rendered it with arnold.