Chef Toad: World Cuisine

Chef Toad: World Cuisine (game)

A game prototype I made in a small team for the course "game prototyping"
The game had to be based on Captain Toad : treasure tracker so we decided to go with a food theme.
My main tasks were coding (C#) the camera and player movement, I also worked on the UI and all the menu's.
I also helped out on the artistic side: I rigged and animated the character, enemies and sushirolls and modeled and textured some assets as well.
Prototype is available to play online using an xbox controller:
Team: Marieke van Neutigem, Tim Coddens, Thomas Denull, Yannick Sijtsma

More artwork
Marieke van neutigem 650910617 640Marieke van neutigem screenshot 494Marieke van neutigem 640521326 640