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Lily Run test

Lily Walk test

Snout Walking test - 4 legs

Snout Walking test - 2 legs

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Test Render, static camera

Blockout- first animation pass


Marieke van neutigem storyboard lillysnout


SFAS sequence

I made this sequence as a submission for round 1 of the Search for a Star competition. I focussed on using game rigs and making it possible to export as fbx, which is why I did an export to sketchfab. I personally do prefer a bit more narrative rather than just animating loops so I made it into a little story which could be used as a game cut-scene. I started with a storyboard of what I wanted to animate, my drawing skills aren't the best but it's just to make clear what I'm going for. Then I did an animatic to make sure the story would fit in the space and with the rigs I was using. I did a couple of animation tests. for Snouts movement I looked at the dog from Up at first but then switched to something more like a T-Rex because the rig didn't work very well using all four limbs. The IK limbs of these rigs behave unexpectedly (not following controllers) which caused the strange leg movements.

More artwork
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